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Name: Victoria Jack
Age: ~200 years including incubation before reanimation
Description: Previously Human, then reanimated as a prototype cyborg in an experiment which eventually led to its own destruction. Now the Captain of the Pirate Ship Fenris, for whatever purpose she may have, she now has eternity to carry it out.
Concept: There are so many Captain Jack's out there, I just had to have my own. Her body design is largely (no pun intended) based on the best looking girl body I could draw when I first started this comic. Her arm is definitely not what it seems and has a lot more to reveal (though some would have me reveal some things other than her arm), but I won't spoil it.

Name: Jim 
Age: 22 years
Description: Human, a handyman at heart, specializing in engine maintainance. An intelligent guy, sometimes witty, with a  craving for adventure. What more do you need in a pirate?
Concept: Every pirate ship needs a you man named Jim... He's loveable, good looking (for a cartoon) and always asking questions. I'm not sure his true purpose yet, but I'll just have to see where he takes me.

Name: Ace Silver (a.k.a. The Naykid Ninja)
Age: 28 years
Description: A half-human. He's half munkee, half trouble. Master of Beerjitsu, Drunken Munkee, and Wasted Ninja. Also a highly ranked member of the Ninjumpon game. His favorite quote: "Bring out your inner squirrel."
Concept: He's crazy. Well maybe not for a hyperactive munkee, but really, I just thought up the name, and the character formed himself around that.

Name: Desaray Lamor
Age: 62  years
Description: Gene altered human. Trigger happy and always loaded (with ammo, not booze). Favorite place to hang out: Harms Way (her favorite bar and situation). A thrill seeker for sure, she isn't into piracy for the money.
Concept: The most disobedient of my characters in that her personal talent/ability is making use of the loop-holes in the rules of being a comic character. Otherwise she's just a girl with a lot of guns...I admit, my character designs have been more creative in the past, but I wanted her in. Oh and her name is the phonetic spelling of a phrase in French.

Name: Ankita
Age: 13  years
Description: Half-human. A two-tailed fox-girl. She's a technological genius having created nano-bots(or Nanites), a previously unheard of technology using tiny machines in a system. She keeps the nano-bots in her pouch around her shoulder and uses them as an interface through which she can control almost any machinery. Still, despite her intelligence she has the ideals and body of a child.
Concept: I thought her up originally as an older teenager, but decided I really wanted to draw a "cute" character and thought she would be perfect for it.

...More To come...

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