Tools(Yes, I am.)

(all about the tools I use to create this wonderful comic)

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These are the programs I use to create the comic. With requests, I will work on a tutorial of how I used each one.


Program: Adobe Photoshop CS

Use: Everything. From giving Megaman a "boob-job", to compiling all the images into the final comic. I would be at a loss without it. Mostly I use it to color and compile my characters.


Program: Bryce 5.0

Use: You see all those purty backgrounds in that there comic, this is the program where all that magic happens. It has simple, intuitive controls. On occasion I'll import complex parts of a model from lightwave into Bryce. However this doesn't work in reverse. But I'm not bitter.


Program: Lightwave 7.0

Use: I use this program soley for modeling. It is an incredibly powerful program, but I don't want to spend 10 years learning how to actually render in it. This program is also well known(by me) to not want to cooperate with Bryce 5.0.

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